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third-graders Schedule an Author Visit with Jennifer Allison!

Jennifer Allison is the author of IGGY LOOMIS: SUPERKID IN TRAINING (grades 1-5) and the GILDA JOYCE: PSYCHIC INVESTIGATOR mystery series (grades 4-8). She has presentations and workshops available for all ages and can speak to large assemblies or classroom-sized groups at your school.

Please select from the following presentation and/or workshop options:

Writing IGGY LOOMIS: From Bugs to Books!

Jennifer Allison will discuss how ideas for stories can be found all around us. Using lots of examples from Iggy Loomis, she will explain the entire writing and publishing process, including her collaboration with illustrator Mike Moran.

The Mystery Genre

How do authors invent complex, suspenseful plots that actually keep readers turning pages? Jennifer Allison, author of the Gilda Joyce mysteries, will explain the mystery genre and inspire young writers to begin investigating their own stories.

*Spy Fiction Writing Workshop

What do spies and writers have in common? Plenty, as it turns out! The author of the spy novel Gilda Joyce: The Dead Drop, Jennifer Allison has led sold-out spy fiction workshops at the International Spy Museum in Washington, DC. Your students will be motivated to hone their tradecraft and delve into a writing adventure with Jennifer Allison’s unique workshop for classroom-sized groups.

To schedule a school visit, please contact the author with the following information:

  1. Which presentations you would like (select from the above).
  2. Approximate size and grade level(s) for each group.
  3. Name and location of your school.jen_presentation09
  4. At least one suggested date and time that would work for your school (the more possibilities, the better).
  5.  Will your school provide a projector, screen, and microphone if needed for large groups? (Jennifer Allison will bring PowerPoint images along with other visual aids.)
  6. Will your school place a book order through Penguin Books or a local bookseller in advance of the author visit? (Jennifer Allison’s books are widely available through booksellers across the U.S.) Note that making copies of an author’s books available to your students and teachers in advance of the visit greatly enhances student engagement during presentations as well as the ongoing educational benefit of the experience.


Current rates for locAuthor Visit | Jennifer Allisonal (Chicago area) schools:

$149 for each one-hour presentation and/or workshop (not to exceed four sessions) during regular school hours.

*Spy fiction workshop: $179 per session


Rates for school presentations and workshops outside the Chicago area:

Half-day author visit: $599 plus travel expenses (includes two one-hour presentations and possible lunch meeting with students and/or teachers). Additional presentations/workshops are $149 each.


Skype book talks (available for groups that have already read one or more of Jennifer Allison’s books):

Jennifer Allison can discuss her books and the writing process through a Skype session!

Rate for one-hour Skype book talk: $99, payable in advance of your session.