reviews of Iggy Loomis | Children's BookPublishers Weekly – “A frazzled boy named Daniel and his wildly energetic younger brother, Iggy, get mixed up in intergalactic shenanigans in this series opener from Jennifer Allison… A lighthearted story that captures the chaos of everyday family life, superpowers or not.”


reviews of Iggy Loomis | Children's BookKirkus Reviews – “Jennifer Allison piles on the yuks in this slapstick science-fiction opener…. It doesn’t take psychic powers to see how this could be a crowd pleaser.”


reviews of Iggy Loomis | Children's BookWashington Parent Magazine – “The closely observed shenanigans and sibling dynamics all ring true…in this engaging new chapter-book series.”


reviews of Iggy Loomis | Children's BookErik the Great, This Kid Reviews Books – “Ms. Allison really gets the relationship between Daniel and Iggy. The brothers are so totally believable (then you get to the fun fantasy alien DNA part ;) ). Daniel is a great character. He is a lot like me, I have a younger sibling and I like to build things. The book has a fun story, perfect for younger kids and reluctant readers. I really liked the ending and am looking forward to a sequel!”


reviews of Iggy Loomis | Children's BookJessica Miller, I Read To Relax – “I really enjoyed both the story of this book and the illustrations by Mike Moran. I thought this would be a perfect book to give to any 3rd or 4th grader. It has aliens, science, toys, and interesting friend and family relationships that just about any kid could relate to easily. I’m happily going to be ordering this book for our library’s collection!”


reviews of Iggy Loomis | Children's BookBecky Mushko, Peevish Pen – “Besides being an all-around fun and fast read, Iggy Loomis, Superkid in Training would be a good gift for a boy who is exasperated by a younger sibling. The official Iggy Loomis website, that includes projects and science, is also worth a look….”


reviews of Iggy Loomis | Children's BookJen Robinson’s Book Page – “Elementary school librarians will definitely want to scoop up Iggy Loomis, Superkid in Training. It’s terrific fun for newly independent readers looking to branch out on their own.”


reviews of Iggy Loomis | Children's BookSandra Stiles, The Musings of a Book Addict – “Kids are going to love this book. The drawings are charming, the story line carries you along so much that you don’t want to put it down. I could picture kids reading the book and thinking, “yeah that’s just like my brother.” There will be so many ways they will connect with this book. This is only the first book in the series. I am looking forward to reading more.”


reviews of Iggy Loomis | Children's BookSophie Weiner, – “Iggy Loomis: Superkid in Training (Book #1: “Attack of the Gobblebox”) is the perfect book to get elementary school kids excited about reading!…. Jennifer Allison’s suspenseful storytelling techniques will keep readers on the edge of their seat; while Mike Moran’s inventive illustrations bring the whole crazy adventure to life. Plus, thanks to Alistair’s impressive environmental background, readers will learn all kinds of fun science facts without even realizing it!”


reviews of Iggy Loomis | Children's BookPamela Klinger-Horn, – “IGGY LOOMIS is some serious five-star fun for the elementary set! Kids will relate to Allison’s character, Daniel, and his exasperation with his high-energy brother, Iggy. When a new kid moves to town, the fun really begins. This is a great blend of science fiction and fantasy in realistic family setting. The parents and children have a warm and entertaining relationship; and the neighborhood kids have the kind of rivalry with which all children can identify…. Public libraries should stock up because readers will be waiting in line to meet IGGY LOOMIS!”


reviews of Iggy Loomis | Children's BookNancy Pegg, Library Media Specialist, Middleton-Burney Elementary (K-3), Crescent City, FL – “‘Ticklesticks,’ ‘Gobbleboxes,’ and ‘Insta-Monsters’ (and siblings!)–it’s a good thing Iggy Loomis, Super Kid, is around to save the day! I will not be able to keep this book on the shelves for my 2nd and 3rd graders!! More Iggy, please!”


reviews of Iggy Loomis | Children's BookAlice Faye Adams, Library Media Specialist, Mellon Elementary School, Palatka, FL – “A very entertaining book. I am sure that my students (3-5) will love it. It has action, aliens and a bad little brother. You can’t lose with that combination. The end of the book leads me to think that there may be more Iggy adventures to come! I smell a series!”


reviews of Iggy Loomis | Children's BookSandra Black, Library Media Specialist, Kelley Smith Elementary (K-5), Palatka, FL “Iggy Loomis, Superkid in Training is a humorous, fast paced adventure. The book begins with the narrator, Daniel, learning that he will be sharing his room with his younger brother, Iggy. Anyone with a younger brother or even a younger sister will identify with Daniel’s woes. But as the book progresses the reader finds out that the hilarious antics that Daniel has to endure with his little brother, Iggy are anything but ordinary. I am anxiously awaiting the sequel to find out what Iggy Loomis, with his newly acquired bug DNA, will do next. I would readily recommend this book to upper elementary children especially reluctant readers. After enjoying Jennifer Allison’s Gilda Joyce series it is exciting to read her first novel for younger children.”


reviews of Iggy Loomis | Children's BookKendal Asbury, 3rd grader, Middleton-Burney Elementary – “This book is so cool. Iggy Loomis is the best book ever!! It gives kids the opportunity to picture everything in the book. It is humorous too, with all dat baby talk. This was the best bookI have ever read in the whole wide world!!!!! And I’m not kidding. I know for a important fact that Mrs. Allison is going to get a lot more awesome comments for her new series and I know she is going to succeed with every book of her new series.”