Engage the visual and experiential learners in your classroom with these creative IGGY LOOMIS projects!

The following interdisciplinary assignments focus on creative thinking and spatial reasoning as part of a language arts unit featuring IGGY LOOMIS: SUPERKID IN TRAINING.
©Jennifer Allison

This classroom project guide is aligned to Common Core English Language Arts Standards. Permission granted by the author to photocopy for educational purposes.


Visual Arts:

Paint Your Own Planet!

How do you imagine Planet Blaron looks? Draw or paint your vision of Alistair’s home planet. Write a paragraph explaining the choices you made (details of the landscape, color choices, etc.) based on details from the text of IGGY LOOMIS and/or research about planets in distant galaxies.




Become an IGGY LOOMIS Cartoonist!

1393449_188317294690459_1073219130_nIllustrators make choices based on a combination of their own personal drawing style and the personalities of characters in the story. If you were the illustrator for IGGY LOOMIS: SUPERKID IN TRAINING, how would you draw the main characters? Would Iggy, Daniel, Alistair, and Dottie look different than Mike Moran’s drawings? If so, how? Draw your version of the main characters and explain the choices you make based on details from the text and your own preferences.



Creative Writing:

Who’s Doing the Talking?

IGGY LOOMIS: SUPERKID IN TRAINING is written from Daniel’s point of view. Write a new chapter describing one of the events in the story from a different character’s point of view – possibly Iggy’s, Alistair’s, or Dottie’s. Would your selected character focus on different details when describing the event? Would he or she disagree with Daniel’s version of the story? If so, why?




Science and Technology:

Build a Robot!
Robots play an important role in the plot of IGGY LOOMIS: SUPERKID IN TRAINING. If you could design your own robot, what would its purpose be? Sketch a design for your own robot or build a model using Lego’s ™ or other available materials. Now write an explanation of the design choices you made. If you could show your robot model to Daniel, Iggy, and Alistair, which character would like it best? Why?

planet_blasters color