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Iggy Loomis | Super Kid in Training


How do you handle a little brother like Iggy? It isn’t easy to share your bedroom with a little brother who breaks your toys and wears underpants over his pants. It’s even worse when your little brother is suddenly WAY stronger than you are! How will Daniel Loomis cope with a dangerously zany roommate like Iggy? And what does the mysterious kid who moved into the neighborhood have to do with Iggy’s newfound super-strength? As Daniel tries to figure out what’s happening to his little brother, he becomes caught up in a dangerous adventure he never expected!

Read the first book in Jennifer Allison’s hilarious, action-packed new series for young readers, IGGY LOOMIS: SUPERKID IN TRAINING, to find out more about Daniel and Iggy!




Hagfish cover

Daniel is trying really hard to be a good older brother, especially now that Iggy has mutant insect abilities that he got from the alien next door. But when Iggy flushes the alien’s pet hagfish down the toilet, he goes way too far. Now Shirley the hagfish is fated to a life in the sewers! It’s up to Iggy to use his powers to find Shirley, but with his temper tantrums and fits—and everyone on Daniel’s case—it looks more and more like Shirley will never come home. Can Daniel convince Iggy to save the day, before everyone is grounded for life?

With aliens, superpowers, slime mold, pets, extra-slimy creatures, and Jennifer Allison’s laugh-out-loud humor, this sequel to Iggy Loomis, Superkid in Training
is an out-of-control good time!