Discussion Guide

Have an IGGY LOOMIS book talk!

© Jennifer Allison

The following questions for writing or discussion are aligned to Common Core English Language Arts Standards. Permission granted by the author to photocopy for educational purposes.

1. Why does Daniel describe sharing his room with his little brother Iggy as a “nightmare come true”? Use examples from the story to support your answer.

2. What words would you use to describe Iggy’s character? How about his older brother, Daniel? Find scenes in the book to that illustrate the words you’ve selected.

3. Which character do you like the most: Iggy, Daniel, or Dottie? Give reasons for your choice. Is your favorite character close to your own age?

4. Do you have an older or younger sibling in real life? If so, how does your relationship with your own brother or sister compare with the relationship between Daniel and Iggy?

5. Compare and contrast: how does Iggy behave differently with his twin sister Dottie than he does with his older brother Daniel? Have you ever shown opposite sides of your own personality when you’re with different friends or family members?

6. Do you agree with the decision of Iggy and Daniel’s parents to put Daniel’s toys in “the Gobblebox” after he gets into a fight with Iggy? Why or why not?

7. Why has Alistair’s family come to earth, and why is their mission a secret?

8. Why does Daniel get mad at Alistair? Does he stay mad at Alistair or does he forgive him by the end of the book? How has the friendship between Daniel and Alistair changed?

9. Why does Daniel describe Alistair’s move from his home planet to Earth as “amazingly brave”?

10. Why doesn’t Daniel like Alistair’s idea of building a “brocco-bot”? Do you agree or disagree with Daniel? Why?